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For any of you unfamiliar with the Welsh accent in general and the south Welsh accent in particular, if you want to know what Gareth would sound like, take a few minutes and watch this clip by comedian Rhod Gilbert, who comes from Carmarthen.

One of my readers has actually traced the steps of my characters in Named of the Dragon while on a visit to Wales. I stumbled across her trip photos on the Internet several years ago and was really amazed. She’s even got the ducks crossing the road. And Gareth’s horse! (NOTE: This used to be a link to that photo collection, but I’m afraid I can’t find it now, so if anyone else does, or knows where it’s gone to, please drop me a note.)

Side Notes...

When one of her authors invites her to Wales for the Christmas holidays, literary agent Lyn Ravenshaw hopes to escape the nightmares that have plagued her since the death of her baby five years before.

But shortly after she arrives at her host’s house, Lyn meets Elen, an emotionally fragile young widow who’s afraid for her infant son’s safety, and seems to view Lyn as the child’s protector.

As Lyn’s dreams become even more disturbing, she forms an unlikely alliance with a reclusive playwright, and is pulled into an ancient world of haunting legends and dangerous prophecies...where she will finally uncover the secret of her dreams.

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‘Mary Stewart readers, take heart.  Kearsley is fast impressing me as heir to her mantle as master of romantic suspense...She’s got a hint of DuMaurier also in this atmospheric novel.’

Barbara Peters, The Poisoned Pen

See my photos of the actual settings and buildings used in the book.

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