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I grew up reading and loving books like Evelyn Anthony’s The Tamarind Seed, Catherine Gaskin’s The File on Devlin, and Anne Armstrong Thompson’s Message from Absalom, and for a long time I’d wanted to try my own hand at writing a classic-style thriller like theirs, so when the idea for Every Secret Thing first came to me, I knew I finally had my chance.

I had no thought, at that time, of changing my name, and in fact the book came out in Germany as Damals in Lissabon, by Susanna Kearsley, but when it came time to publish in Britain and Canada it was decided that, because this book was slightly different than the ones I’d written before, and because it didn’t have the paranormal thread that normally runs through a Susanna Kearsley story, it would be more fair to my readers if we made that difference clear by coming up with a new pseudonym, so ‘Emma Cole’ was born - my thriller writing alter-ego, if you like.

Several years afterwards, my UK publishers decided to re-issue the book as a Susanna Kearsley title, so now Emma Cole only exists in a few scattered translation versions in Europe.

I still hope to one day complete the planned three-story arc of books I had originally planned, following my heroine Kate Murray, and if that does happen I’ll be sure to update everybody here.

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Every Secret Thing is the first of a planned trilogy of thrillers featuring Canadian journalist Kate Murray.

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