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Kate Murray is deeply troubled.  In front of her lies a dead man, a stranger who only minutes before had spoken to her about a mystery, a long-forgotten murder...and her grandmother.  His story was old, he had told her, but still deserving of justice.

Soon Kate is caught up in a dangerous whirlwind of events that leads her across the Atlantic as she tries to retrace the dead man’s footsteps and learn the secrets of her grandmother’s wartime past.  But only a few people are still alive who know the story...and Kate soon realizes that her questions are putting their lives in danger.

Stalked by an unknown and sinister enemy, Kate must use her tough journalistic instinct to find the answers from the past in order to have a future.

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‘This is crime writing at its most complex, intelligent best – exhausting and quite breathtaking.’


See my photos of the actual settings and buildings used in the book.

On Location...

In some countries you’ll still find this book published under my thriller-writing pen name, Emma Cole...

Every Secret Thing is available as an audio book from Oakhill Publishing. Click the image for details.

To learn more about Camp X, the real Canadian spy camp where two of  my characters first met, visit the Camp X Historical Society web site, or the Camp X official web site.

Every Secret Thing was nominated for the Crime Writers of Canada’s Arthur Ellis Award for Best Novel in 2007.

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